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We sell full size patterns, pattern books and lamp building instructions/patterns of art glass from buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Complete lamp bases and lamp hardware kits (everything except the wood) are also available.

We also sell Prairie House Classic Came™ made from the same dies used to make the original came at the turn of the century. This came is available in zinc, brass and copper and is made by the Chicago Metallic Corp.

Some of our customers have sent us pictures of their completed lamps, windows, mosaics, and ornaments. Take a moment to view the completed works, or send us a picture of something you've created.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding our products or deliveries.

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New Book!
Light Screens Illustrated, 112 pages
The book features over 140 very detailed scale drawings of windows from houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
The illustrations are in full color with dimensions and stock numbers of the original came.

The famous Butterfly lamp, created for the Dana-Thomas house,
is the most complex design in our product catalog - but also the most prestigious. Read more...


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