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The Susan Laurence Dana House (now called the Dana-Thomas House) is located in Springfield, IL and was completed in 1902. It is owned by the State of Illinois and is open for tours. After 99 years it is virtually intact. If you could see but one of Wright’s houses this would be the one. The house was completely restored in 1990. The 200 windows are breathtaking, and unlike the typical Wright’s home, they are mostly of different design. One can easily think of the house as a museum of art glass windows. The colored glass is iridescent and the came is various shapes of colonial style zinc that was originally brass plated. The windows are considered great works of art.

Springfield, IL - 1903
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Dana-Thomas House Dining Room Bay Window
28 1/4" x 43 3/8"
Dana-Thomas House Music Cabinet Window
10 5/8" x 17 3/8"
Dana-Thomas House Fernery Door Window
22 1/2" x 59 3/4"
Dana-Thomas House Library Door Window
23 1/4" x 33 3/4"
Dana-Thomas House Sitting Room Window
32 1/4" x 62 5/8"
Dana-Thomas House Dining Room Balcony Door Panel
17 1/4" x 59 3/4"
Dana-Thomas House Fountain Door Window
19 3/4" x 59 3/4"
Dana-Thomas House Fountain Door Window
19 3/4" x 59 3/4"
Dana-Thomas House Fountain Door Window
19 3/4" x 30 7/16"
Dana-Thomas House - Hall by Fountain Window
15" x 51 1/4"

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